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Super Visa

Information for parents and grandparents, including applications for super visas, processing times, what to expect when you arrive in Canada and how to extend your stay.

Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

Canada allows the parents and grandparents of people who visit Canada to work and live as Canadian citizens. A Super Visa is a temporary resident permit for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens to stay in Canada.

The Super Visa allows the parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to 2 years per visit. There is another multiple entry visa that allows parents and grandparents to stay up to 6 months per visit. Both the standard and multiple-entry super visa are valid for up to 10 years.

Who are Eligible for Super Visa?

The parents and grandparents of people who are Canadian citizens that are permanent residents of Canada are eligible to apply for Super Visa. However, the applicants need to prove that they will return to their country at the end of their visit.

The parents of people who are working in Canada based on temporary residence are not eligible to apply for Super Visa.

Important Information on Super Visa

Canadian citizens can apply for parents' or grandparents' super visa in the online or paper mode. An applicant may be eligible for the regular multiple entry visa depending on the individual conditions and circumstances. The multiple-entry visa is valid for up to 10 years.

People who don’t need a visitor visa to enter Canada; can use the Super Visa to stay in the country for up to 2 years. Parents and grandparents who need a temporary residency visa can also apply for a Canadian super visa. Once they obtain the super visa, they don’t need to reapply for a temporary residence visa and can travel between their resident country and Canada.

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Requirements for Canada Super Visa

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Letter of Invitation

Before applying for a Canada super visa, an applicant needs a letter of invitation from his/her child or grandchild. The child or grandchild should be a permanent resident of the Canada.

The letter of invitation should include a promise from the child or grandchild that he or she will offer financial support during the total time period of visit of their parents/grandparents.

The number of members in the household of the child should also be mentioned in the invitation.

Moreover, the child or grandchild should provide a copy of the proof of his Canadian citizenship or permanent residency in Canada.

Minimum Necessary Income

The child or grandchild also requires to prove that he/she meets the minimum necessary household income in Canada.

The proof of income includes the NOA (Notice of Assessment) or T4/T1 for the latest tax year and the letter of employment.

The net-salary and hiring date should be mentioned in the letter of employment.

The application for a Super visa also requires bank statements, pay stubs, and employment insurance stubs as a part of the minimum necessary income requirements.

Medical Insurance

The child or grandchild also needs to produce proof of medical insurance covered by an insurance company based in Canada.

The medical insurance should have at least one-year validity from the date of entry and $100,000 of coverage.

The applicant is required to produce a document for confirmation of the immigration medical exam.

List of Documents Required for Canada Super Visa

• Letter of invitation from children or grandchildren
• Bank and tax statements in the home country
• Notice of assessment or tax returns· The latest copy of the T4/ T1
• Employment letter from the child’s or grandchild’s employer
• Employment insurance pay-stubs
• Copy of Medical Insurance from a Canadian company
• A medical fitness examination certificate
• Document indicating minimum income requirement of child or grandchild
• Declaration indicating the purpose of the visit, and they will return at the end of their visit· Document indicating the ties to home country

Application Process

The applicants need to submit the application for Super Visa at a Canadian Visa office near the place of residence outside of Canada. The visa office may ask for some additional documents depending on the place of residence of the applicant.

Canadian visa authorities access the application based on a number of factors. They examine the purpose of your visit to Canada. Also, parents and grandparents are required to maintain ties to their country. Authorities check your family ties, finances, and other connections to your home country and outside of Canada.

All applicants need to undergo a medical examination. They can get the forms and instructions from the visa office after submitting the application. It is best to apply online as the online process offers many advantages over offline applications.The online applications are received instantly, and the processing time is also low.

There are no courier charges or chances of delay in the online process. It is also easy to submit any additional documents when required. Moreover, the applicants can receive the status of their applications directly in their online account.

How to extend a stay in Canada?

If the validity of stay for your parents or grandparents is about to expire, you can apply to extend their stay. However, you need to apply for them before the expiry of their current status. If the application is approved, they can get a visitor record that mentions the period of extension for their stay.

Difference between Super visa and ten-year multiple entry visas

The key difference between both visas is that the super visa allows parents to stay in Canada for up to 2 years. The ten-year multiple entry visa allows staying only up to six months per entry. Therefore, parents and grandparents who want to visit for a period less than six months should apply for a multiple entry visa. Those who want to stay between 6 and 24 months of time should apply for a super visa.

Final Thoughts

The information in this post is all you need to know about Canada's super visa. A super visa is a perfect option for parents and grandparents who visit their children or grandchildren in Canada frequently. With a super visa or multiple entry visa, they don’t need to reapply for a Temporary Resident Visa every six months. Moreover, the super visa is available all year round and requires a lower income than Canada’s parents or grandparents program.


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