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BC Provincial Nomination

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a way for high-demand foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs to gain permanent residency in B.C.


British Columbia, international is famous for its incredible natural beauty. It has a land area which is the size of France, Germany and Netherlands combined. The capital of BC is Victoria, situated on the Vancouver Island. The captivating beauty, cosmopolitan lifestyle and an impressive quality of life makes British Columbia a prime destination for newcomers to Canada.

British Columbia united with Canada on July 20, 1871. This westernmost province of Canada, is located between the Pacific Oceans and the Rocky Mountains. It has an estimated population of around 5 million and is known to be the third most populous province in Canada.

British Columbia (BC)
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

The BC PNP program is operated and managed by the government of British Columbia with the federal immigration department, IRCC - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. BC PNP is allocated with a limited number of nominations each year by the IRCC.

This is a two-step process 
• Apply for nomination to the provincial government
• Apply for Permanent residency to the federal government.

Browse the links below or click here to register and apply.

There exist three main categories of BC PNP application:

Skills Immigration

This stream is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in much demanded occupations in British Columbia which has 5 sub-categories.


Job Offer Required?


Skilled Worker
Job Offer in a skilled position
Health care professional
Job offer in some listed health occupation
International graduate
Studied at a post-secondary level in Canada; Job offer in a skilled position
International Postgraduate
Master’s or Ph.D. in British Columbia in Natural, applied or health sciences
Entry level and semi-skilled
Job offer in food processing industry, trucking, tourism or hospitality

Invitation system - Points-based
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Express Entry

This stream is a faster way for eligible skilled workers to immigrate to BC. This is entirely web-based registration. The Express Entry stream has 4 sub-categories to it:


Job Offer Required?


Skilled Worker
Job Offer in a skilled position
Health care professional
Job offer in some listed health occupation
International graduate
Studied at a post-secondary level in Canada; Job offer in a skilled position
International Postgraduate
Master’s or Ph.D. in British Columbia in Natural, applied or health sciences


Step 1: Online Registration

For this Immigration program, BC PNP operates a Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) that allows to prioritize applications. Those candidates who are interested to apply should register a free expression of interest online.

Step 2: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Based on the point system, candidates are given a score which further determines their invitation to apply. Those applications who score high, are sent ITA.

Step 3: Application Submission

Once an applicant gets an ITA, they should apply with all the required documents within 30 days along with the application fee.

Step 4: Nomination

Those applicants who are approved, receive a nomination certification which enables them to apply for Permanent residency to the federal government.

Step 5: IRCC Application

The candidate receives the Permanent Residence (PR) Visa upon successfully completing criminal, health and other security checks.

Cambridge Immigration, Work Visa, Skilled Worker

Entrepreneur Immigration

This stream is for high net worth business people who can invest in and actively manage a business in British Columbia. This again is a points based system. The applicants must also have the required personal and investment funds to apply.

This stream is categorized into:
• Entrepreneur Immigration
• Entrepreneur Immigration - Regional Pilot
• Strategic Projects


Job Offer Required?


Entrepreneur Immigration
No, but should create at least one job
High net worth, business proposal

BC PNP Tech Pilot Program

This program allows the BC immigration officers to accelerate the application process for in-demand technology occupations because this pilot program prioritizes technology sector applications.

There is an increased demand for talent in British Columbia’s tech sector which is escalating faster than supply. As such, BC is also progressing local talent by introducing tech subjects earlier to students and in post-secondary institutions creating work experience opportunities.

How does this take place?Invitations are issued to the applicants through a weekly draw. The eligible candidates must have work experience in one of the 29 eligible tech occupations.

Tech Pilot Features:
• Service
• Timeliness
• Prioritization
• Engagement

Eligibility Criteria?

• A minimum one-year job offer from any BC Employer
• All basic requirements of BC immigration stream

Eligible Categories?

• Skilled workers
• Health care professionals
• International Graduates
• International Post graduate
• Entry-level and semi-skilled workers

BC PNP Tech Pilot Process:

• Weekly Invitations
In order to receive an ITA, all basic program requirements must be met at the time of registration.

• Priority Processing
After a complete application is submitted, the file will be assigned to a dedicated Tech Pilot processing team who prioritizes applications within the 29 key technology occupations.  The usual processing time is 2-3 months from receipt.

Cambridge Immigration, Work Visa, Skilled Worker

BC EI Regional Pilot Program

Cambridge Immigration, Work Visa, Skilled Worker, Vancouver, BC

This Program is focused to attract experiences entrepreneurs to set up business in the regional areas or the smaller communities of British Columbia. The objective of this program is to meet the economic development needs of the communities and to encourage investments.The business should be set in a community of less than 75,000 people located more than 30 kms from a larger city.

Eligibility Criteria?

• A $300,000 minimum net worth
• Minimum 51% ownership in new business
• Create at least 1 full-time job for a Permanent resident or Canadian Citizen
• Have a minimum language proficiency which is equivalent to a Canadian language benchmark

Pilot Timeline

This will be for a two-year period and will be continuously evaluated to make sure that the community and entrepreneur both are mutually benefitting from the program.

The key features of this program include
• Community involvement
This is focused on attracting foreign businesses to their community working in association with the local partners and the existing networks to render support for entrepreneurs who are trying to settle in.

• Referrals
Those communities who participate in this program may refer related foreign entrepreneur’s to BC PNP. These foreign entrepreneurs then conduct a visit and present their concept to the designated person prior to receiving a referral.

• Community concierge
All participating communities can have the advantage with the presence of a community concierge who is appointed through the pilot to help with their immigrations needs.

• Invitations and prioritization
All foreign entrepreneurs who are referred by the communities are bought together in a distinctive registration pool. Priorities are given to the regional pilot registrations.

Call us directly to assist you with the process of Regional Pilot Program.

BC EI Strategic Projects

This program helps foreign-controlled companies who are trying to establish a business in BC with managerial, technical and professional staff who have intentions to settle and become a Permanent resident.

In the Strategic Pilot program, the company can propose up to five key staff members to work and settle in the designated province to manage the operations in BC who may later apply for a Canadian PR if nominated successfully.

Eligibility Criteria?

• A $500,00 minimum equity investment.
• Create at least 3 full time jobs for a Permanent resident or Canadian citizen.
• Establish or purchase and expand a business in British Columbia.
• Demonstrate that the proposed key staff members are qualified senior employees who can well operate the business.

Pilot Timeline

All applicants must go through three main steps:
• Exploratory Visit
The companies must make an exploratory visit to British Columbia to get a grip of the business environment and existing opportunities.

• Discussion of Proposal
The applicants to this Strategic Project category must get in touch with the BC PP and discuss the opportunities of their business plan and get equipped about the program.

• Apply
After successfully meeting the project requirements, the BC PNP, via Email shall send an application package which the candidate must complete and submit with the required fee and supportive documents. If the initial assessment is  through, all candidates including the key staff members are required to attend an in person interview in Vancouver.

If the application is finally approved, then the company must
• Sign a performance agreement with the British Columbia Government and apply for a two-year work permit from IRCC.
• Submit a final report to the BC PNP to ensure that the company has met all terms and conditions of the agreement.
• The key staff members must apply to IRCC for a PR visa within 180 days from the date of nomination.

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Processing time

The processing time is different for applicants under different categories.
For those candidates who have applied via skills Immigration and Express Entry BC the estimated processing time is 2-3 months.
For nominations under Entrepreneur Immigration, around 10 weeks’ time from the date of registering till the decision time. 

If you are interested to apply for the BC PNP, click here for an on-line evaluation of your report and understand if you are qualified or not. 


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