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Study Permit Extension

You can find the expiry date in the top right corner of your permit. The extra 90 days gives you time to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay in Canada.


Is your study visit about to expire? It is a worrisome situation as you can be asked to leave Canada on legal grounds. The date of expiry of the study visa is mentioned at the top right corner of the permit. The suggested date of your program's expiry added to 90 days is the total amount of time you get to prepare and leave Canada.

The 90 days mentioned above begin after the expiry of the permit. Here is what you need to keep in mind- When you receive a notification from your school, and the announcement can be in the form of a letter, transcript, email, etc., you must immediately prepare to send the application. You will receive the notification generally after the completion of the program or immediately after diploma, degree, or certificate.

If you are willing to stay, to continue your studies, then you may have apply for the extension of study permit. Here is the proper way to achieve the same.

If your Visa is close to the expiration date and you are planning to travel soon, make sure that you leave the country only after submitting your application.

When to apply for the Extension of the Canadian study Visa?

Ideally, it is recommended that you apply 3 to 4 months before the current study visa permit's expiry. If not so, then you can even apply to extend your permission for a minimum of 30 days. Applying before the expiry of the permit means that you can stay in Canada under certain circumstances.

How to Apply?

While you are still residing in Canada, you must apply for the extension of the study visa.

If you have lost your student status while still living in Canada, you can do:
• Apply for a work visa
• Apply for a work permit
• Or continue staying in the country as an outsider, visitor

To restore the status of the student, you must make sure of the following-
• Apply 90 days before losing your status or the permit for a student visa
• Meet every requirement crucial during the stay
• Meet with all the conditions that are required for the stay
• Make sure that you have paid the fee like the study permit fee and a restoration fee.

Processing Time

The processing time for your application could take a lot of time, so it must be way ahead of your time. Before applying for the application, make sure that your school's name is on the DLI or the designated learning institution list. In the name of your school name is not on the list, then to extend your permit, you will have to first to enroll at the DLI.

The time required to process your application depends on the workload of the Canadian consulate. In some cases, applicants do not get any response even after 120 days of the application; in such cases, you contact the Canadian Consulate. After you contact them again, you can expect a reply within 30 days.

If your application is approved while you are in the middle of your course, you will be allowed to continue your stay in Canada, or else returning to your country is the only option you are left with.

If Study Visa has already expired, then this is how you can apply to extend the study permit-

First of all, restore your status as a student to extend your study permit. In the online application form, select the two mentioned options-
• Initial study permit and the extension of the study permit
• Restoration of the temporary resident status as a student

You will have to specify how you lost your status and the reason behind staying longer in Canada. Although you can stay in Canada while your application is being processed but studying further is not an option if your student status is not restored. In case you are accompanied by your common-law partner, spouse, or children, they too, you will be required to restore your status.

When you have a temporary resident permit, your close family is also dependant on your status, so when your status expires, you and your family may be asked to leave the country. So, even if your application is accepted and your Visa is extended, and not your family’s then case, your family will have to leave without you.

Note: If you live in Canada with your family, we recommend submitting your application and the request to a temporary residence permit of your family together.

In most cases, you will be required to apply online for the extension of the study permit.

Why Apply Online?

There are several reasons why you must apply online.
• There are no courier fees or mail delivery time, and the application process happens instantly. The application processing time is also speedy.
• In case your application is short of any document, you will be immediately notified of the same. Upon receiving the notification, the document submitting process online is even more accessible. Like this, you can avoid the hassle of going through the paperwork.
• The online application makes sure that your application is complete before the submission.
• You can keep a constant check on your application processing online without making multiple visits to the office.
• You can keep a check on the updates of the application through your online account.

To make the online application request, you must keep a few things in mind-
Step 1: Make sure you are equipped with the necessary stuffWhile applying online, you will require a camera, scanner to create electronic copies of documents.You must possess a valid debit or credit card.
Step 2: Read the instructions guideWhen applying online, you must read the instructions manual properly to avoid any kind of mistake.
Step 3:
Get ready with your answers for the online toolBefore you even upload any forms, you must be able to answer some questions.
Step 4:
After completing and submitting the application, you will be required to pay the fee, which also includes the processing fee. You will have to pay a certain amount for the biometrics upon submitting the applications. If you are required to provide your photo and fingerprints, you will be required to pay your biometric fee upon applying. If you are unable to do so, then there will be a lot of delays.
Step 5:
You can create your online account or sign in a straightforward and effortless manner to pay your fee, submit the application, check the status of your application, etc.

In case you cannot apply online, you can even choose a paper application for the same.

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Process for a Visa Extension if You Have Left Canada

The most important thing here to understand is that a study visa, as the name suggests it is for your education, and under no circumstances, the card must be used to travel out of Canada. If you wish to apply to leave the country, then here is what you need:
• An eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization
• A temporary resident visa

If you have the Visa of the etA and your study permit, then there is a slight possibility that you will be allowed entry back into Canada.

However, this does not guarantee anything. You will have to show the possession of all the crucial documents to the border services officer before you getting the re-entry.

Steps to Follow for the Extension of Study Visa Permit:

• Visit the Government of Canada website and make an account on the site. You will have to enter your bank account details using the Government of Canada Key (GCKey) for the account.
• You can start the process of application extension of your Visa.

The necessary documents required for the extension request includes:
• IMM 5409 – If you have a common-law partner who wishes to stay with you in Canada;
• IMM 5476 – If you hiring a representative for the process.
• IMM 5646 – You can apply Custodian Declaration in case your child is studying in the country(Canada) under some other person;
• IMM 5709 – With this form you can request the government to change your staying conditions, and extend your stay. You can also request to allow you to continue staying with the status of a student.

On the application form that you will receive will be required to write the document number. The number is also called the Unique Client Identifier or the UCI. You will find the UCI number on the study permit sent to you by the Canadian Government.

Long with the forms mentioned above, make sure that you also attach the supporting documents, which are required by the Canada study permit application.

The required documents, application, or form must be either submitted online or by using the Government of Canada online account. You can just email the concerned authorities for the same.Fees Required for Extending the Visa

To get your application processed, you will have to pay fees for the extension. The charge per person per application is $150. For biometrics, you may be required to pay an additional $85. The application extension process begins after the fee payment, and if it is not done on time, you may even be denied automatically.

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