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We help transfer applicants effectively communicate how their background, achievements, and interests can support.


Cambridge Immigration is regulated and licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) under license number R531249. We firmly work under the boundaries and laws laid in our license by the ICCRC and have knowledge regarding the latest practices, legislation, and other internal procedures.

ICCRC is the institution that protects public rights by overseeing licensed immigration consultants. All immigration consultants need to be licensed by the ICCRC. All these consultants work under and specialize in Canadian immigration law, and Cambridge is, therefore, a trustworthy and reliable immigration consultant.

Cambridge Immigration’s website has all the necessary information, forms, and guidelines that one needs to file an application. Newsletters, blogs, and chat rooms will give you a plethora of information that you may require for a successful application. Success and failure may depend on a good consultant’s advice.

Canadian legislation and immigration policy changes frequently, so you need to be familiar with the latest changes to be eligible for immigration and study at a Canadian college. Even if you make small mistakes during your application process, it may cause several delays, and you can also be refused or deemed inadmissible.

At Cambridge Immigration Consultants, we will check your eligibility according to the Provincial and Federal programs of Canada and give you information regarding the best possible way for you to reach your goal and desired college while dealing with all the issues. You will also get an idea about the costs involved and the total processing time of your application.

Applying for a Canada Study Visa

The study Visa will be issued by the Canadian immigration office to students who meet all the requirements. All forms must be filled with legitimate information along with proof of the documents. You will have to pay the Study Visa processing fees to the government along with your application.

‍International students require a Canadian Study Visa if they plan to join a course that lasts longer than 6 months. Before applying for a Visa, a student will need to be accepted by a Canadian college or university. You will have to apply in your country’s visa office for a study visa. Make sure all the proofs and documents used are legitimate and original, else your application will be rejected.

University Transfers Program

Many students in Canada have been using the flexible University Transfers program recently. It allows the student to take the first two years of a four-year university degree at a college and then transferring to the university itself to complete the degree.

Many colleges in Canada have agreements with universities and offer the University Transfer program. Almost all major fields such as Commerce, Journalism, Business, Science, Engineering, Education, Arts, etc. are available under the program. The choice of fields offered and the university to which you will transfer varies from college to college.

The program is liked by most students because they can experience college education and lifestyle. The class sizes are small, and one can easily get in touch with the teachers. College fees are lower, and students develop a personal liking to the college lifestyle. International students who speak other languages get more time to adapt to their course in a college rather than a university. You can get familiar with the subjects at your college before transferring to a university for advanced studies.

Students who join a university through transfer are as successful as students directly joining a university. There are no major differences in areas like the continuation of education, university experience, employment, social engagement, and low salaries. All these factors have made the University Transfers program very popular among international students.

Students who opt for the University Transfer program should agree to all the conditions and requirements of the transfer beforehand with the college. There are some cases where the university transfer is not guaranteed. Still, students need to meet all the requirements in advance. For all students, colleges in Canada offer vast options for an undergraduate degree with or without the university Transfer program.

Cambridge Immigration, Student Visa, College

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is one of the best and safe countries in the world with a top economy and rapidly evolving culture. Tens of thousands of international students study in Canadian universities, and the country has a great diversity of people. Students prefer Canada for studies because of various factors. We will talk about a few of these factors.

Canada Has Great Weather and Studying Here is Affordable

Canada is a very big country with a great climate and topography. There is no shortage of natural beauty, and one will love the stunning places here. Most of the country experiences snowfall, and it really is a beautiful sight to see layers of snow everywhere.

In comparison to other top countries, the cost of studying in Canada is lower, which is an advantage. Living costs are almost the same as in other countries. Rent and other expenses may depend on the region. Overall. Studying in Canada will give you proper value for your money.

Many Scholarships Available for International Students

Many of the top universities in Canada, like the University of British Columbia, York University, Humber College, etc. provide several scholarships for international students. Students with great academic or sports talent are given scholarships that cover tuition fees, house rent, and other expenses.

Books and other things are also covered. This allows students to focus on their studies and not stress about fees and other expenses

You Can Get a Study Visa for Canada Relatively Quickly

If you want to take a short-term course that lasts for a maximum of six months, you will not need a study permit. However, for any course that runs for more than six months, you will need a Canadian study permit to enroll at the institution.

This will be your study visa, and you may need to get a temporary residence permit too. An acceptance letter from the university, health requirements, and ability to pay your fees and living cost is very important to get a study visa. Once you have all the necessary documents, you can apply for your Visa and get it quickly.

Choose from a Host of Top Colleges and Universities in Canada

Canada is a big country, and there is an abundance of colleges and universities here. Most of the institutions have top facilities, resources, and experienced staff that will help you in getting the top-most level of education. You can choose from all major fields like Business, Science, IT, Commerce, Journalism, Medicine, and so on.

Do proper research and choose a great university that is perfect for your goals. The main aim is to get quality education that will help you get a decent job and stay happy and successful in life. You can read a list of the top institutes and universities based in Canada.

International Students Have a High Acceptance Rate in Canadian Universities

A variety of top-class universities and colleges have many courses, and it is not difficult for International students to enroll in these courses. Canada has a great acceptance rate for international students, unlike most other countries.

You must be eligible for the course, along with all necessary documents and financial security. In most cases, you will be accepted to a university. You must speak good English and have nice academic and life skills to get admitted into a college or university.

Cambridge Immigration, Student Visa, Student

Work Part-time While Studying

Once you get into a college in Canada, you may work on or off campus while studying, if you have a valid study visa. Students can work for 20 hours in a week on or off campus during the semester. During the break, students are allowed to work full-time until the semester resumes again.

Different courses have different conditions, and in some, a student may only work up to 10 hours in a week. If a student has received funding to study in the country, then the hours of work allowed maybe reduced. It is great because even while studying, students can earn money to pay their fees and cover the living expenses themselves.

Cambridge Immigration’s Services to Foreign Students

Cambridge Immigration’s experienced team will help students at every step of the process. We will discuss and choose the right study program for you and go for a course and college that suits you best. We will prepare your applications to the concerned university and visa office, along with all the necessary proofs and documents. You can even choose a college that offers the University Transfer program. Our team will make sure all areas are covered, and there are no obstacles in the process.

We can help extend your Study Visa duration to more than the normal time and prepare applications for a work permit. The work permit can be for the students and their spouse or family member. Our consultants are ready to assist you anytime, so feel free to contact us. Cambridge Immigration will help you fulfill the dream of studying in Canada.


No case is to big or small. In the matters of immigration, nothing matters more than the firm and the people you choose to represent your interests.